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Trail Maps

Poetry Boxes Map and (new) Trail Information

Draft trails maps to be used with Google Earth, Google Maps, GPS units. . . .

  • Link to maps These draft Leverett trail maps are to be used with Google Earth (.kmz) or Google Maps (.kml), with your gps unit, or whatever app(s) you use. (If you don’t already have Google Earth or Maps on your computer, take yourself to a library or coffee shop with a fast internet connection to download.) When you go to the link, 2 folders will open, chose whichever you want (or try both) and download to some findable place on your computer. Then open either Goggle Earth or Maps and, once it gets going, open the 3 files that work for your program. You can then save these trails inside your Earth or Maps. (Phones vary in their ability to use/save – and there are lots of good apps out there – good luck.) Please don’t send this link out into hyperspace. It is not ready for public distribution. Please send along suggestions.

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