East Leverett Meadow

East Leverett Meadow

Photo of East Leverett Meadow

One of the few large areas of open grassland in Leverett, East Leverett Meadow stretches west from the intersection of Shutesbury and Cushman Roads and is crossed on its southern edge by Roaring Brook. The Meadow is home to a wide array of wildlife and is a prime spot for birders. Over one hundred species of birds and forty-four species of butterflies have been observed. For more information about the data on birds, see the paragraph below on eBird Hotspot. More information about the East Leverett Meadow

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Driving Directions

  • From Leverett Town Hall heading south, bear left onto Shutesbury Road at the Leverett Family Museum (old library).
  • After 1.4 miles, bear right onto Cushman Road where Shutesbury Road turns sharply left/uphill.
  • At the next corner, bear right, staying on Cushman Road.
  • The sign and parking pull-off is on your right, 1.7 miles from Town Hall (between mailboxes #42 and #20).


  • From the Cushman Road parking area, there is a loop trail around the meadow that is mowed during growing season for the convenience of walkers. (Dogs must be leased during nesting season: March-August)
  • At the northwest corner of this loop, this trail connects with a network of trails through both private land and the five town-owned Conservation Areas and one Conservation Restriction.
  • See the map East Leverett to Long Hill Trails for the network of trail from the East Leverett Meadow to Long Hill above Leverett Pond.

Property Maps and 2 ELM Fliers

Photos of East Leverett Meadow

East Leverett Meadow is has been an eBird Hotspot for some time. (A “hotspot” is created by eBirders, it must be open to the public and be a very good place to observe birds.) While these new observations have been wonderfully helpful, it was clear that we had a responsibility to add the bird observations collected over the past 14 years by 25 volunteer observers (5548 reported sightings on 241 visits). The data was added in April 2014. (It all appears under the name “East Leverett Meadow Birds” as a single checklist.) Go to ebird.org, click on “Explore Data” and then type in East Leverett Meadow in the search box (it will come up with county and state i.e. East Leverett Meadow, Franklin, Massachusetts). We thank all the volunteers since 2000 – and all the present birders who are watching and recording their information. It is a gift to other birders, to researchers in a variety of fields, to the birds and to the meadow. Link to eBird

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