Donald H Bates Sanctuary

Donald H. Bates Sanctuary

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“We would like the property to be named the Donald H. Bates Sanctuary. This woodlot was his sanctuary – the place he loved to go. He had it logged once, and cut his own firewood for many years. It will be a place for birds and animals to roam free forever, along with human visitors.” The Bates Family 2013      More information

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Driving Directions

  • From the Leverett Town Hall go southeast on Shutesbury Road for 1.4 miles
  • Go straight on Cushman Road for 0.1 mile
  • Go straight on Still Corner Road for 0.1 mile
  • Turn right on Cemetery Road and park by the East Leverett Cemetery
  • Walk back to the corner, go straight on January Road (which is the old Lancaster Pike Road)
  • Continue walking on Lancaster Pike passing two houses, crossing the powerline (sharp turn) to the Bates sign
  • OR you can start your walk on Shutesbury Road at the entrance to the town-owned Roaring Brook Conservation Area

Roaring Brook and Bates Sanctuary Trail Map

Maps of Donald H. Bates Sanctuary

Photos of Donald H. Bates Sanctuary

Placing the Donald H. Bates Memorial Bench

The Bates Sanctuary is bounded on the south by the Lancaster Pike, an historic 50-mile road (cart-way) built beginning in 1733 to connect Sunderland, and therefore the Connecticut River, with the eastern part of the state. For more information, see the Lancaster Pike Tour prepared by Annette Gibavic for the Leverett Historical Society and the Roaring Brook and Bates Sanctuary Trail Map

Just to the north of the Bates Sanctuary is Roaring Brook and the remnants of the once-thriving East Leverett mill village. These Historic Maps of the East Leverett (and Leverett) were gathered as part of a DVD interview with John and Georgana Foster, Reflections on Roaring Brook, September 20, 2014. While the Sanctuary was uphill from the power-powered mills, it would have been easy to see (and hear) the mills – especially from the knoll.

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