Dan Glazier Forest

Dan Glazier Forest

Photo of Dan Glazier Forest

Purchased by RGT in 2009, this 57-acre lot spans the southern edge of Diamond Match Ridge. The hillside descends sharply on the west in a series of rock outcroppings. The forest of mixed hardwood, pine and hemlock is home to diverse wildlife.

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Driving Directions

  • From the Leverett Town Hall go north on Montague Road for 1.8 miles
  • Turn right/east on Cave Hill Road and continue about 2 miles until it ends at North Leverett Road.
  • Turn right, go about 1 mile.
  • Park on the left at the power line.


The new trail is open – so many people, so many loppers, so many maple-leaf cookies. . . . Map of the Dan Glazier Forest Trail

Maps of Dan Glazier Forest

Photos of Dan Glazier Forest and the Work Parties

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