More About Conserving Land

Land Protection – How Do I Learn More?

  • Conservation Restrictions

    You will not find a list of the Conservation Restrictions held by RGT on this website – simply because they are privately owned. But if you would like to talk with us (or the owners of those lands) about the experience of having a CR, contact us.

  • Land Owned by a Land Trust

    A list of the properties owned by RGT are on this website. Please visit them, or if you would like to tour them with an RGT Board Member, contact us.

  • How do you decide what is best for you and your land?

    It takes time and thought. You need to consider what is special about your property; what your long-term goals for the land have been, what your needs are now, and, finally, if land protection is a way to achieve your goals. A formidable list. If you would like to talk through some of your ideas, contact us.

Additional Helpful Resources

  • Your Land, Your Legacy: Deciding the Future of Your Land to Meet the Needs of You and Your Family. This excellent booklet was prepared by UMass Amherst, the North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership, and the Highland Communities Initiative. Available in print or as a pdf file from HCI (The Highland Communities Initiative). They also have a number of other very helpful publications.
  • Land Conservation Options: A Guide for Massachusetts Landowners is published by the Essex County Greenbelt Association and The Trustees of Reservations. Order from ECGA.
  •  Each of the land trust and land conservation organizations listed on our Links page as a very good section on land conservation and protection. There is information on the taxes and land conservation at Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition.

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