Spring and Summer Sounds

Seasonal Sounds of Leverett – Spring and Summer Sounds

Twenty-eight Spring and Summer recordings were presented at the Leverett Library on January 8th, 2017. You can listen or download each of the sounds by clicking on the links below.

Spring Sounds

Spring Peepers – Leverett Pond (right-click to download)

Coyotes – Long Hill Road

Wood Frogs, Downey Woodpecker – TeawaddleHill Road

Northern Cardinal – Long Hill Road

Roaring Brook

Spring Peepers – Teawaddle Hill Road

Building Bog Bridges – Rattlesnake Gutter, Cave Hill

Leverett Pond – from Friendship Trail

American Toads – base of Roaring Mountain

Stunt Pilot – Dan Glazier Forest, North Leverett

Beaver Pond – Richardson Road

Spring Birds – Oven Bird, Vireos – woods along Montague Road

Wood Thrush – Long Hill Road

Town Meeting – Leverett Elementary School

School Buses – Leverett Elementary School

Summer Sounds

Music on the Patio – Leverett Library

Barred Owl Family – base of Roaring Mountain

Catbird – Beaver Pond, Richardson Road

Great Blue Heron Family – Beaver Pond, Richardson Road

Bullfrogs – Beaver Pond, Richardson Road

Katydids, Train – base of Roaring Mountain

Barred Owl – woods near Montague Road

Raindrops, thunder – base of Roaring Mountain

Tabasco wants out!

Train Crossing – Depot Road

Accordion – Leverett Pond

Historical Society Bell – Moores Corner Schoolhouse

Carillon Bells – Leverett Congregational Church

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