Seasonal Sounds of Leverett

A year-long project to preserve the sounds of Leverett

Recording Sounds

Recording sound is not hard. The results you get depend on following a few careful steps. The two links below should help you become a successful sound recorder.

Spring and Summer sounds now available!

Two season’s of sounds recorded by people like you were aired for the first time in public at the Leverett Library on January 8th, 2017. If you missed the January event and the CDs and thumbdrives at the Leverett Library, the new versions with all four seasons will be available at the Leverett Library after our final event on June 17th.

You can listen to the Spring and Summer sounds here.

Want to hear the Fall and Winter sounds of Leverett?

Join us Saturday, June 17, 1 PM in the Community Room of the Leverett Library.

As before, CDs and thumbdrives will be available at the Leverett Library for you to copy.

Sample sounds

Sample of sounds recorded near a vernal pool in Leverett on May 14, 2016


Here is a collection of sounds that will be familiar to many in Leverett


Sounds of Leverett Trails Committee volunteers building bog bridges on a trail in Leverett


A sound animation from the LES kids: Schoolbus Sounds

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