Seasonal Sounds of Leverett

A year-long project to preserve the sounds of Leverett

Recording Sounds

Recording sound is not hard. The results you get depend on following a few careful steps. The two links below should help you become a successful sound recorder.

3 ways to get your own copy of the Shhh! Listen to the Sounds of Leverett 

        • Download all the sounds here 

          Each of the links below will download a zip file of that season’s sounds. You can create an album using iTunes or other music-playing app on your device.

        • Borrow a CD or thumb drive from the Leverett Library

          Take it home. Make a copy for yourself. Return to library

        • Buy a CD at the Leverett Library ($5)

           Makes a great gift – even for yourself!

Sample sounds

Sample of sounds recorded near a vernal pool in Leverett on May 14, 2016


Here is a collection of sounds that will be familiar to many in Leverett


Sounds of Leverett Trails Committee volunteers building bog bridges on a trail in Leverett


Students in the upper grades at the Leverett Elementary School recorded sounds around the school. They then played these to students in the lower grades, asking them to draw what they heard. Their wonderful work inspired the project’s technical director, Peter Marvin, to create a sound animation from the LES students’ recordings and drawings: Schoolbus Sounds

Seasonal Sounds of Leverett was funded by the Rattlesnake Gutter Trust and the Leverett Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. The project would not have been possible without the Leverett volunteers who recorded the sounds, Julie Collier’s drawing of the Barred Owl, and the leadership of our technical director, Peter Marvin. Thank you.

Note to those interested in duplicating this project in your own community: we have documented our experience to help you organize your own sounds project. Documentation

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